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Links and Thinks 2012-12-10

1) Aussie prime minister has a sense of humor – and takes a jab at kpop.

2) Lovely images of the earth at night.

3) Every bomb that was dropped during the London Blitz. (hat tip: Crooked Timber)

4) The Norwegian princess is a mensch (but, I have to ask, was adoption not an option?).

5) Janine Jansen plays Rondo. Serial killer stare, a football player’s shoulders, awkward body movements. But very sexy.

6) Fascinating article on the impact of the First World War on the English language. (hat tip: Wet Casements)

7) More on “subcompact publishing” by Craig Mod. Interesting point also made here.




Links and Thinks 12-05-2012

1) Best way to reach a real person at Apple – say “Fuck!”

2) To attract Asians and Latinos, the GOP must “persuade them to think of themselves primarily as Americans.” The stupidity has come full circle.

3) The Higgs-Boson is nominated as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” “Every single sentence in Time’s nomination contains at least one serious error.” Science writing at its best.

4) Most powerful images of 2012.

5) Okay, stop it. Really. Just stop it. No, I mean it.

6) The sports tax that everyone pays. We cancelled cable several years ago, and we don’t miss it at all. Best thing we ever did.

7) The wretched behavior of publishing houses.

8) Craig Mod on magazine publishing for the iPad.